Toning Minerals

Toning Minerals


Gorgeous toning mineral egg trio, for feminine strength and power, increased sensitivity and awareness. Learn how to relax your muscles, create suction, and more. These carefully shaped minerals help you develop a relationship with your body for heightened sensual pleasure.

Opal moonstone brings so much joy. Its color changes from blue to orange to rainbow depending on the light, and it radiates energy and intention. It can be a particular ally in resolving energy blockages during the New Moon. This is the stone of new beginnings, reconnecting you with one of the most powerful parts of your body. These moonstones were carefully selected for their size and weight to help bring strength and pleasure.

Clear quartz facilitates self-awareness and improved perception and focus. It creates a smooth energy flow. It's incredible because you can program it with your intention. Your quartz egg will hold the intention you wish to cultivate, constantly putting it out into the universe.

These are fragile and precious ~ For soft surfaces only

Set of 3 moonstone and clear quartz yoni eggs, size small, medium and large.

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