Oval Tassels

Oval Tassels


Honor your creative intuition alongside your drive and ambition with Mother of Pearl earrings, formed in structured, clear shapes.

Mother of Pearl protects and calms with the gentle healing power of the sea... It stimulates imagination and intuition, sensitivity, and adaptability. It creates balance and harmony in our emotions, soothing and tempering feelings of fear. Expressions of love and clarity in decision-making come more easily.

Sculptural tassel earring with cutout mother-of-pearl oval. Neutral tassel made with vintage silk and cotton. 14k gold-fill. Sold as a pair.

4.25" long

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Flowers and Skin offers jewelry made by hand from natural fibers. All pieces are designed, cut, and assembled in our studio with careful attention to detail. All of our jewelry comes with a 30-day quality guarantee.