Nectar Noir

Nectar Noir


Flavor notes - velvety, caramel, mushroom

From the terraced slopes of Phoenix Mountain comes this rare and sought after varietal. Leaves are roasted again and again to bring forth their rich and honeyed sweetness.

Black Tea - Yunnan Province, China. Formulated especially for Leaves & Flowers.

18-20 servings per 2oz package ~

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Leaves and Flowers Camellia sinensis teas are sourced from around the world and chosen for their impeccable quality and flavor. Like the herbal drying and blending methods, much of Camellia sinensis harvesting and processing is carried out by hand. Buds and leaves are hand-picked, then skillfully oxidized, pan­‐fired, rolled or fermented to achieve the desired result. All of Leaves and Flowers botanical infusions and teas are loose leaf, and sustainably grown and harvested.