The Lucia Massager

The Lucia Massager


Heighten your orgasmic bliss by increasing sensitivity and awareness: clear quartz wand for massage, intense joy, and pleasure. You are a goddess. This wand is seriously magic and facilitates a connection with your divine energy and power. Find out how~

Clear quartz creates a smooth energy flow. It's incredible because you can program it with your intention. Your quartz massager will hold the intention you wish to cultivate, constantly putting it out into the universe.

Coming from the earth, they are full of character and no two are the same. They were created with care and love by someone I have a deep respect for and who I am immensely grateful to… They have been cleansed with salt water and charged with radiant energy.

They are fragile and precious. For soft surfaces only ~

One pleasure wand / 6.75” x 1.5”

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