El Sueño Floral Mist

El Sueño Floral Mist


Take a vacation with El Sueño Floral Mist, to calm a worried mind. This delicate spray takes you away to hidden gardens, the glow of yellow afternoon, fragrant blossoms in the pink of sunset. Close your eyes and take a long, slow breath to be transported.

El Sueño is calming and grounding; an excellent ally for finding your footing the liminal spaces of life. This delicate floral mist brings together a handful of your favorite desert allies to help quell spells of depression, anxiety, and insomnia ~ Breathe long, slow, and deep as you drink in its subtle scent, allowing yourself to surrender to the sensations of this moment.

Mist your pillow at bedtime to invoke sweet sleep and peaceful dreams, stash in your car or desk for moments of acute overwhelm or anxiety, and keep on hand as an ally for soothing circular thinking.  It is also an excellent formula to call upon for soothing restless children, sleepless babes, and worried pets. For external use only ~

Contains // Essences of Jumping Cholla, Jojoba, Candy Barrel Cactus, Datura, Aspen + White Chestnut Blossoms, Neroli Water, and a touch of alcohol as a preservative

2 fl oz glass bottle

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