Inspired Change

At Flowers + Skin we are redefining how we interface with the world. We are shifting to meet the needs of our community of wise, beautiful women, and those who identify as female. We invite anyone with deep appreciation and respect for femininity to join us on our journey. 

For you, we are returning to our roots of Self-Care, Self-Love, and Healing from Nature. In the coming months, our offerings will include tokens and tools to assist you in transitioning to a life of balance and harmony: botanical skincare and teas; healing stones, minerals and jewelry; literature and art objects for pleasure, love, and inspiration. And right now we are transitioning to 100% biodegradable packaging #zerowaste ! We are finding more and more ways to give back to those who need us the most and the causes we are passionate about.

We are also building a parallel community for learning and healing, and we invite your presence, your wisdom, and your experience. Stay connected to watch this process and learn more by joining our list. And tell us: How can we be of better service to you? Let us know in comments below.

Thank you for being part of our journey #weloveyou