Girl, You Are A Goddess


As a woman, you possess divine feminine power within you. You are goddess, multifaceted and intense. If you are a woman or identify as one, this is for you. 

Your divine feminine is evident in your creations in life and work, your intense power and wisdom, and your orgasmic ecstasy. Embrace your creativity, playfulness, sensuality, and inner radiance. Embody the earth and all the magic of nature, oceanic bliss and peaceful harmony. Flow freely and love unconditionally. Treasure and respect yourself. You are the infinite mystery of existence. 


In woman is the form of all things, of all that lives and moves in the world. Notice the connection between women, flowers, mollusks and more — these patterns are a reflection of the divine. 

Be Proud


Open to your female power and feel whole in your feminine energy by knowing that all of your facets can coexist peacefully: erotic mother, maiden, wild woman, priestess, slut. Society may have trained you into believing what is right and wrong, but only you on an individual level know your own power, fear, and struggles; where you shine and what you hide.

In you, the Erotic Mother is your grounding force, your relationship to nature, the balance of giving and receiving, of nurturing yourself and others. Your Wild Woman is your fierce, raw, unapologetic, unbound and free primal instinctual nature. The Maiden within you possesses softness, tenderness, vulnerability, erotic innocence, and a complete, untainted heart, allowing you to unite in connection with another.

As a Priestess you hold, see and know feminine energy rising united together, in awareness of full radiance, as the collective feminine claims space in the world. It is the Priestess within you that, with an open heart, acknowledges sacredness in sexuality, physical solidity and erectness, and pride in adornment. Hold your head high. As a Slut you embrace pleasure for yourself, purity and confidence in your desires, and need no validation; you command energy and your actions achieve complete joy and pleasure. Understanding and accepting your facets in all their magic opens you up to your female power.

Embody Feminine Essence 

To connect with your feminine energy, start by creating a sacred home space. Tantalize the senses with music, incense, textures, and lighting. Consider taste — tea, nourishing foods, fruit — what you put into your body should reflect your love for yourself. 

Set boundaries with pressure from society to just be pretty or look feminine outwardly. Choose only what makes you feel good and represents who you feel you are. Adornment in clothing or jewelry should be in comfort and connection to your inner beauty. Surround yourself with reminders of your strength and divine essence. 

Breathe. Deeply, and fully. Breathing consciously allows you to clearly sense internal needs. It connects you to flow and movement. Express authentically with your voice, sounding your inner world to liberate internal energy and clear creative energy blocks from your surrounding space. Sigh and sing, speak clearly and honestly, always. 

Most importantly, surrounding yourself with women who are comfortable in their feminine essence will facilitate the transition for you. 

Being able to embody feminine energy in a world with predominantly masculine energy allows more sexual charge and polarity in all relationships. When we are centered in masculine energy, we are super focused, pushing forward and working towards the next big goal, striving to be perceived as the best, and constantly achieving. When working, balancing the masculine and feminine energies within us helps prevent creative blocks. Remember to step into the feminine periodically by taking time to go inward. Listen to music, breathe, sing, sigh, make sound from your heart; feel flow and movement, dance. All these things relax the nervous system. 


You are a Goddess

“A goddess is a women who emerges from deep within herself. She is a woman who has honestly explored her darkness and learned to explore her light. She is a woman who is able to fall in love with the magnificent possibilities within her. She knows her female power. She is a woman who knows the magic and mysterious places inside her, the sacred places that nurture her can and should make her whole.

She is a woman who radiates light. She is magnetic. She walks into a room and male and female alike can feel her presence. She has power and softness at the same time. She has a powerful sexual energy that is not dependent on physical looks. She has a body that she adores and it shows by the way she comfortably lives and moves in it. She cherishes beauty, light and love.

She is a mother to all children. She flows with life in effortless grace. She can heal with a look or touch of the hand. She is fiercely sensual and fiercely erotic and engages in sex as a way to share with another in touching the divine. She is compassion and wisdom. She is seeker of truth and cares deeply about something bigger than herself. She is a woman who knows that her purpose in life is to reach higher and rule with love. She is a woman in love with love.

She knows that joy is her destiny and by embracing it and sharing it with others, wounds are healed. She is a woman who has come to know that her partner is as tender, lost and frightened as she has been at times. She has come to understand the scars of the boy or girl within them and that together, love can be the relief, the healing of their wounds. She is a woman who can accept herself as she is. She can accept another as they are.

She is able to forgive her own mistakes and not feel threatened by another’s even when attacked. She is a woman who can ask for help when she needs it or give help when asked. She respects boundaries, hers and another’s. She can see the infinite power of the universe in another’s eyes, and in her own. She can see the divine in every life situation. She is woman who takes responsibility for everything she creates in life. She is a woman who is totally supportive and giving. She is a goddess.” - Unknown  

Who is the divine feminine goddess? You are, babe.

Know your true power as a woman.

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