Find Your Magic

You are divine. Stay connected with your truth and female power by taking time for yourself. You can be your best for everyone in your world by establishing daily rituals that prioritize self-care and self-love.

Live consciously in small ways by choosing our earth-friendly branding and shipping options ~ 

Create a better life for young women by shopping with us. We gift a portion of profits to Days for Girls International and The Orchid Foundation because we want every woman to receive the care and dignity she deserves <3

Flowers + Skin is inspired by nature and the female form. Women are like flowers, mollusks are like women — these patterns are a reflection of the divine. We honor you as a whole woman by celebrating both darkness and light, inspiring ways to connect to the magic within you. If there is any way we can be of service to you outside of our current offerings, please reach out and we can connect. 

Who We Are

Currently a team of two, mother and daughter, discovering our connection to the divine feminine; exploring our truth, our history, and our Puerto Rican / Korean / French / Spanish / German ancestry. 

We are passionate about sharing hope, beauty, substance, and fresh perspectives. We are building our brand to merge beautiful functional objects with self-care and pleasure, to share what moves us and spark meaningful connections and conversation. Join us to stay close while we create our community. ~ #weloveyou

Thank you for being part of our journey over the past five years.